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Bali is a paradise for water sports fans. Many foreign tourists flock to the beach area for sunbathing and surfing. No doubt Bali is able to hypnotize tourists with its charming beaches and soft sand beaches.

Several beaches in Bali offer a variety of fun activities for tourists. Supporting facilities for tourism areas in Bali are professionally managed, so as to get satisfaction from tourists.
One tourist destination that is a pity to miss is Seminyak Beach. The beach has white sand with a charming coastline. You will get the experience of adrenaline-pumping water sports activities. What are the attractions, here's an explanation.

Seminyak Beach Attraction

Seminyak Beach is a beach that has not been visited by many tourists. Even though it is already popular, this beach is not as busy as other beaches in Bali. Where this destination presents its own charm, including:

Best Surfing Spot
Seminyak Beach is suitable for surfing activities. Evidenced by the many foreign tourists who deliberately come to enjoy this extreme activity. This beach is also used as a training area for surfing by national and international athletes, because the waves are stable. Tourists can rent surfboards provided by the manager and can be accompanied by professional trainers.

Enjoying the Warm Sunset
There is no doubt that Seminyak Beach is very charming when visited before sunset. Tourists can enjoy the sunset by sitting on the beach or sitting in the chairs provided. Tourists can enjoy the warmth of the sunset while drinking fresh coconut water.

Swim Around the Beach
Tourists can do swimming activities with their family around the shoreline where the water waves are not too big. The sea water will feel warm when exposed to sunlight, so you can enjoy a fun swimming activity.

Around the Beach while Cycling
Tourists can enjoy views of the beach by doing cycling activities provided by the manager. Tourists can rent bicycles at affordable prices.

International Standard Café and Restaurant
Seminyak Beach is equipped with various facilities for tourists including cafes and restaurants serving western specialties. There are also inns and bars in several corners of this beach area.

If you are interested in enjoying the beauty of Seminyak Beach, please use the complete tour package from Baliventur. You can choose all the best tourist destinations according to the economical packages available on this travel tour.

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